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Postcards from Hell

Hot Guy Gallery

Welcome to the new, expanded galleries (not just for Richie anymore)! I thought I'd open up my collection of very hot guys! This isn't a full representation of the various subjects...there are always much better archives around. These are just my favorites. Don't expect much logical thought, how can any brain work with such pretties around? Anyway, I hope you find something here you like. Enjoy!

You may also notice the lack of new pictures / updates recently. Two reasons. One, Men's Underwear Store has started cutting the heads off the models (in the pictures, not literally!) and International Jock has hired ugly guys. Second, I can only have so many files on this account. We're at the point, if I want to add more photos, I have to delete some. Booooo!

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Category Albums Files
PeopleActors, celebrities, sports stars and models that do not appear in any other category.
32 5,521
James Marsden


Who better to play Prince Charming? And the guy next door, the psycho stalker and the clueless dumb jock, the blind mutant, Superman-Lite, the Easter Bunny....

324 files, last one added on Jan 04, 2014, 36 linked files, 360 files total
Album viewed 352 times

Drew Van Acker


The flavor of the month...well, of any month. Started out in modelling, moved on to lead a series or two on a cable channel (Tower Prep). Now reoccuring on Pretty Little Liars. Well, he is pretty. Check him out on Devious Maids.

132 files, last one added on Jan 04, 2014, 128 linked files, 260 files total
Album viewed 64 times

Steve Burton


Plays Jason Morgan (Quartermain) on the ABC Daytime drama "General Hospital". Includes Sean Kanan (ex-AJ Quatermain) shots as well.

148 files, last one added on Dec 27, 2012
Album viewed 330 times

Chad Allen


Out actor, seen on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" and the Donald Strachey Mysteries on here!tv

119 files, last one added on Jul 29, 2012
Album viewed 111 times

Chad Michael Murray


The WB/CW darling. Not the greatest actor on the planet, but who's watching him for the acting???

215 files, last one added on Nov 22, 2012
Album viewed 158 times

Justin Hartley


Aquaman, Green Arrow. Soap star and internet geek. As long as he smiles down at you like that? Who cares?

149 files, last one added on Dec 24, 2012, 123 linked files, 272 files total
Album viewed 319 times

Henry Cavil


From Superman to The Tudors and then that Immortal Guy, this Brit just gets hotter and hotter in each role he selects.

76 files, last one added on Nov 22, 2012
Album viewed 34 times

Kevin Zegers


Started out in the Air Bud franchise and hasn't stopped since. Gotta love those Canadians.

492 files, last one added on Jul 28, 2016
Album viewed 208 times

32 albums on 4 page(s)1

9 1,893
9 584
5 1,153
Television Shows
31 11,733


Includes all shots of all regulars and some recurring guest stars (Chris Kane! James Marsters! Bailey Chase! Ethan Erikson!) not found elsewhere.

783 files, last one added on Jan 12, 2013
Album viewed 144 times



Includes all shots of Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum and Eric Johnson. Other shots of Justin Hartley, Alan Ritchson, Jensen Ackles are elsewhere. That's not even counting the guest stars. Who hasn't been on this show?

1858 files, last one added on Jan 13, 2013
Album viewed 260 times

The OC


The story of a boy and his do...homeless Chino person! Promo and episode shots, plus others of Ben McKenzie, Adam Brody and Chris Carmack.

465 files, last one added on Jan 13, 2013
Album viewed 150 times

Dawson's Creek


Includes candids and other photos of James VanDerBeek, Kerr Smith, Joshua Jackson and others that guest starred on the show.

409 files, last one added on Feb 03, 2014
Album viewed 115 times



Sand, surf and lots of very pretty boys. What else did one need? All shots of Michael Bergin, David Chokachi and Charvet, Kelly Slater, John Allen Nelson, Jason Mamoa, Jeremy Jackson, Jason Brooks...

341 files, last one added on Sep 21, 2010
Album viewed 730 times



The smokin' hot-horror-buddy show about brothers! Now with fluffy, scruffy angels! Candids and other photoshoots of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalaki.

2096 files, last one added on Oct 03, 2014
Album viewed 272 times



UK fantasy show appearing on SYFY. Stars Colin Morgan and Bradley James. Keep the *magic* secret. Yeah, right.

1091 files, last one added on Aug 14, 2015
Album viewed 142 times

Magnificent 7


Television series, not movie. Includes all shots of Eric Close, Michael Biehn, Dale Midkiff, Anthony Starke, Andrew Kavovit.

232 files, last one added on Jan 12, 2013
Album viewed 41 times

31 albums on 4 page(s)1

Soap OperasDaytime Dramas.
11 2,619
10 490
12 3,828


Includes Tobey McGuire and James Franco pics from other movies and candids. And tha new fella, Andrew Garfield.

247 files, last one added on Dec 28, 2012
Album viewed 110 times



Includes pictures of Brandon Roth from other movies and candids.

191 files, last one added on Dec 28, 2012
Album viewed 169 times

Lord of the Rings


Other Orlando Bloom shots in the PEOPLE section. Everyone else? (Dom, Lij, Karl, Sean,Billy, Vig,c etc.) All here.

349 files, last one added on Dec 28, 2012
Album viewed 88 times



Includes candids and other photos of Shawn Ashmore and Hugh Jackman. More of James Marsden in the PEOPLE section.

399 files, last one added on Dec 29, 2012
Album viewed 90 times

Star Wars


Old and new, good and bad. Who knew the Dark Side could be so...hot. All shots of Ewan, Hayden, Liam and the rest.

311 files, last one added on Feb 22, 2008
Album viewed 62 times

Harry Potter


Daniel Radcliff, Robert Pattison, Stanislav Ianevski, the Phelps twins. Could it be...magic?

293 files, last one added on Dec 28, 2012
Album viewed 92 times

Brokeback Mountain


Jake Gyllenhall, Heath Ledger. Two lonely cowboys and a mountain between them.

587 files, last one added on Jun 21, 2010
Album viewed 79 times



He came, he saw, he kicked their ass! All shots of Colin Farrell, Jared Leto, John Rhys Meyers, Neil Jackson.

684 files, last one added on Jan 12, 2013
Album viewed 68 times

12 albums on 2 page(s)1

Hot Guys
2 377


Save a horse, ride a cowboy!!

266 files, last one added on Jun 15, 2013
Album viewed 429 times



Cops, firemen, miliatry, athletes, UPS. The stuff fantasies are made of.

111 files, last one added on Dec 22, 2009
Album viewed 371 times

2 albums on 1 page(s)

8 14,135
42,333 files in 129 albums and 11 categories with 9 comments viewed 642,668 times

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