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Postcards from Hell

Hot Guy Gallery

Torchwood - Dr Who


The Doctor, the Captain, and a side helping of Tea-Boy! All shots of the longest sci-fi show in history and it's various spin-offs.

207 files, last one added on Jan 14, 2013
Album viewed 54 times

Flash Gordon (2007)


Show only shots. Other shots of Eric Johnson in the Smallville folder.

61 files, last one added on Jan 24, 2008
Album viewed 28 times

Mutant X


Syndicated Sci-fi show. Starred the delicable Victor Webber and the delicious Forbes March (now on OLTL).

284 files, last one added on Mar 01, 2014
Album viewed 87 times



As well as the kid's show Young Hercules! Camp at it's finest. Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Kevin Smith, Karl Urban, Ryan Gosling, Dean O'Gorman.

277 files, last one added on Jan 08, 2013
Album viewed 42 times



Another soapy surf show. Jessie McCartney (pop singer) and Ryan Kwanten (aussielicious!)

100 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2008
Album viewed 40 times

Reality TV


Guys from all the reality TV shows, including Bachelor, Big Brother, MTV's Real World/Road Rules, WYWO and other TLC programs.

363 files, last one added on Feb 11, 2008
Album viewed 115 times

Power Rangers


So many men in spandex, so little time. Over two decades and going strong, PR shows have featured many guys. The quality has fluctuated, but Dino Charge? It's back to really, really good. All shots of all actors here.

268 files, last one added on Oct 03, 2014
Album viewed 74 times

North Shore


Night-time soap ala Baywatch. Stars Corey Sievers, Jay Kenneth Johnson (more in the DAYS folder), Jason Mamoa (more in BAYWATCH).

41 files, last one added on Jan 08, 2013
Album viewed 32 times

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Category Albums Files
Soap OperasDaytime Dramas.
11 2,619
As The World Turns


Van Hansis, Jake Siberman and daytime's first gay kiss. Also Michaal Parks, Agim Kaba, Dylan Bruce, Billy.

341 files, last one added on May 11, 2010
Album viewed 151 times

All My Children


All photos of Cameron Mathison, Justin Bruening, Josh Duhamel, Jeff Branson, Colin Egglesfield, Mark Consuelos

262 files, last one added on Apr 08, 2008
Album viewed 96 times

Days of Our Lives


Waaaaay too many hot guys! All shots of Jason Cook (now with facial hair on GH), Jay Kenneth Johnson, Kyle Lowder (now on B&B), Bryan Dattilo, Austin Peck (dead on ATWT), Austin Miller, Matt Cedeno, Eric Winters, Brody Hutzler and others. Jensen Ackles (ex-Eric Brady) is in TV/Supernatural.

915 files, last one added on May 28, 2010
Album viewed 187 times

General Hospital-Port Charles


More hot guys. Jacob Young (now on AMC), Tyler Christopher, Greg Vaughan, Billy Warlock (also in BAYWATCH album), Colton Scott, Scott Clifton, Wally Kurth, INGO!, Rick Hearst, Michael Sutton, Rib Hillis, Brian Presley, Nolan North, Jay Pickett, Michael Easton (on OLTL), Brian Gaskill, Robert Kelker Kelly, ...and a whole lot more.

354 files, last one added on Feb 03, 2014
Album viewed 102 times

Guiding Light


Frank Grillo, Wes Ramsey, Matt Bomer.

39 files, last one added on May 06, 2008
Album viewed 110 times

One Life To Live


Tuc Watkins, David (and Joel) Fumero, Ty Treadway, Don Jeffcoat, Jason-Shane Scott and the delectable John-Paul Lavoisier. Hyphens never looked so hot.

123 files, last one added on May 06, 2008
Album viewed 85 times



Jesse Metcalf, Eric Martsolf, Justin Hartley, Galen Gerring, Ryan McPartlin, James Hyde, Bruce and Seth Hall...

245 files, last one added on Dec 23, 2009
Album viewed 141 times

Sunset Beach


Didn't last long on NBC, but sure did look pretty. Eddie Cibrian, Timothy Adams, Nick Stabile, Dax Griffin and Clive Robertson got their start. Hank Cheyne returned to daytime. And Hasselhoff was nowhere in sight!

86 files, last one added on Aug 26, 2008
Album viewed 194 times

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4 408
Highlander - Episodic and Promos


164 files, last one added on Aug 14, 2009
Album viewed 36 times

Raven - Episodic and Promo


Highlander spin-off.

51 files, last one added on Oct 12, 2007
Album viewed 22 times

Actor Shots


Candids and other show photos of Adrian, Stan, Peter and Jim.

176 files, last one added on Jan 23, 2008
Album viewed 45 times

WarAngel's Magazine Covers


Photo manips by WarAngel

17 files, last one added on Oct 12, 2007
Album viewed 20 times

4 albums on 1 page(s)

Old Richie GalleriesScreencaptures formerly on my site.
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